Box set from Numero Group, 2015. Illustrations and title lettering throughout the book and package.
 Illustrations from Numero Group box set book, 2015.
 CD cover,   Chain Fights, Beer Busts and Service With a Grin  , Stereolaffs, 2002. First appearance of The Gorch.
 18" x 24" silkscreen tour poster, 2015.
 CD cover,   The Art of the Slap  , Stereolaffs, 2007.
 CD cover,   New Hope for the Ape-Eared  , Stereolaffs, 2004.
 CD cover,   Hippy Justice  , Stereolaffs, 2005.
 CD cover,   Rock, Rot & Rule  , Stereolaffs, 2004 (reissue with new cover)
 Portrait for the  Independent Weekly , 2006.
 CD cover,   A Vampire or a Dogman  , Merge Records, 2009
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