24" x 36" silkscreen poster, 2004
 18" x 24"" silkscreen poster, 2009
 18" x 24" silkscreen poster, 2007
 12" vinyl LP cover, one of five records in the 2011 box set   Not the Spaces You Know, But Between Them  , on Three Lobed Recordings. This was the last official release from the band before they broke up after a 30-year run
 12" vinyl LP cover. This is a bootleg record that surfaced in 2012.
 14" x 20" silkscreen poster, 2002
 16" x 16" silkscreen poster, 2000
 Spread from the  Sonic Youth: Sensational Fix  exhibition catalog. Richard Prince on the left, me on the right.
 Vinyl toy from Jamungo, as part of the Blow Up Dolls series, 2006.
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